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10 killer new jungle tracks

10 killer new jungle tracks

Watch your bass bins!

Jungle is back.

Born in the UK in the early ‘90s, during a period of explosive creativity, the freeform breakbeats of jungle became the soundtrack to many producers’ formative years before taking a backseat to more formulaic ideas.

Recently, however, a new wave of talent has been on the rise, feeding their junglist sensibilities into all corners electronic music, with artists such as Djinn, Tim Reaper, Outer Heaven, Mantra, Coco Bryce, Forest Drive West, Kid Lib, Sully, Homemade Weapons and Dead Man’s Chest forging beats with booming 808 bass, a blizzard of drum chops and influences from all over.

Below we pick 10 killer new jungle cuts that demonstrate the undeniable return of jungle.


Coco Bryce
‘Twenty Shot Sequence’
Fresh 86

‘Dark Reference’
Foundation X

‘Something Else’


Forest Drive West
‘Jungle Crack’
Rupture LDN

‘Just a Vibe’
Ako Beatz

Tim Reaper
Green Bay Wax

‘X Plus Y’

Dead Man’s Chest
‘Just 4’
Western Lore

Andy Skopes

Kid Lib
‘Blue Dreamers’
Foxy Jangle

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