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10 tracks that chart the evolution of UK garage, according to DJ Spoony

10 tracks that chart the evolution of UK garage, according to DJ Spoony

We catch up with UK garage legend DJ Spoony as he tells us his top tracks that chart the history and evolution of the influential sound from New York to London...

DJ Spoony has selected 10 iconic garage tracks that chart the history and evolution of the influential sound from Paradise Garage, New York to its revolution in London. You can check them all out below.

DJ Spoony is this week at Afropunk 2018, which runs from 1st to 8th September and has been a spectacular week of art, music, talks, workshops and culture. Taking place in various venues and spaces throughout Brixton, the week’s events have featured live performances and DJ sets from the likes of August Greene, Bakar and recent DJ Mag interviewee Akala.

Tonight (7th September), for the penultimate event to take place as part of the festival, UK garage legend DJ Spoony will be taking over Electric Brixton. Joined by Jazzie B, BBZ, Born N Bread and Recess, the party is set to be an absolutely superb celebration of garage at its finest. You can get tickets for the party here.

To get you in the mood, check out DJ Spoony’s 10 iconic garage tracks below.

DJ Disciple - 'Keep On Movin’'
"No self respecting DJ would’ve been without this in their sets. Hailing from Brooklyn, Disciple would’ve had no idea from that far away how big and important this record was to the scene and sound."

Somore 'I Refuse'
"Featuring Damon Trueitt on vocals, another absolute banger from the other side of the pond. A remix package that includes versions from RIP and Ramsey & Fen, another must for the collection."

Todd Edwards 'Saved My Life'
One of my personal favourites and just one of a number of Todd’s records I could choose. Using his signature ‘slicing’ of the vocal, this would be in my 'Desert Island’ discs"

George Morel 'Let’s Groove
"Released on the legendary Strictly Rhythm label, this double A side (with Bouncing Sax) was another of those must have/must play records. 4/4 beats, melodic and VERY catchy key rift."


Praxis feat Kathy Brown 'Turn Me Out'
"What can I say about this? A song and vocal that has truly stood the test of time. It’s been sampled, edited a thousand time but no version better than the original Extended dance mix for me."

Kalani Bob & Remegel 'The Cheese & Pickle EP'
"One of the finest UKG EP's ever made. A classic that set the bar for producers at the time. ‘Deep Breath’ was my favourite cut but I played everything on this."

24 Hour Experience 'The Test Press EP'
"Another EP that had bangers on both sides. Heavily Jazz influenced ‘Jazz From the Heart’ to ‘Not Gonna Let Ya’ feat Bryan Chambers, this is a winner. Worth a lot of money on vinyl now."

NuYourican Soul 'The Nervous Track'

"When I first heard this Id never heard a house record like it. One of a kind. Thank you Nervous Records and of course the legends that are Loiue Vega and Kenny Dope for this. Iconic music."

Baffled 'Going On'

"A magical record for me. Garage beats, reggae bass-line. This was unique and I was sold. Dubstep and Grime owe a lot to this particular track. Powerful piece of work from the UK."

MK 'Burning'
"MK has been making bangers for years. This was released in 1992 and his hit remix ‘Look Right Thru’ in 2013. Anyone that can still be dropping heat over 20 years later is a don. Burning is UKG even though it was made stateside."

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