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60 Seconds With...Miguel Migs

60 Seconds With...Miguel Migs

60 Seconds With...Miguel Migs: DJ Mag catches up with the deep house chap

DJ Mag catches up with the deep house chap, to talk his new album 'Those Things' - out now on NRK/Salted Music...

You hooked up with Sadat X from Brand Nubian on 'Shake It Up'. Is hip hop a big influence?

I started DJ'ing in the early 90's and was very into hip-hop back then. I was very influenced by groups like Brand Nubian, Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, Jeru, Pete Rock and CL, Nas...

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I'm inspired by all kinds of music! From Steely Dan, Prince and Erykah Badu to Steel Pulse, Tribe Called Quest, Jill Scott, The Police, The Stones, The Cure and the list goes on and on.

Your music has been used on loads of big TV shows. Do you think your music has a filmic quality?

I dont make music with that in mind, but of course there is a place for all kinds of music in film as it's another form of art, creativity and emotion.

Does your past in the reggae band Zion Sounds inform your productions today?

I've always used elements of dub and reggae in my productions. From basslines to overall song structures, and of course, the dubbed out effects and delays. Coming from playing in bands and writing music in that format, it definitely influenced the way I write and put music together.

What does 'Those Things' mean?

It's sort of an abstract meaning. It lets your mind wander into different territories with multiple possible meanings without trying to be overly serious or clever. It's a very diverse album with many different styles so the name 'Those Things' just seemed to fit.

What's next for you after the album?

Touring and working on my label Salted Music.

Check him out live @ Favouritizm presents Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw (Live PA) 'Those Things' album party at Plan B on April 21st