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60 secs with...Devil's Gun

60 secs with...Devil's Gun

DJmag.com discovered this lot on Myspace. Soon they'll be the best thing on your iPod.

Who the hell are Devil's Gun?

Devil's Gun are a musical weapon of choice.

We are your friends, but we'd also like to tear your heads off with our music.

So what makes you lot stand out?

Other than the day-glow leotards, our sound is really unique, and full of diverse influences like rock, electro, house, reggae, hip hop and breaks.

We have some pretty unusual jamming sessions.

And we have no regard for the way dance music is normally structured or created.

If we like it and we think it sounds good, we record it.

Is there was a ruck between ravers or rockers, which side would you be on?

We'd have one foot either side of a barbed wire fence with our balls scraping on the spikes, occasionally giving either side a sly dig.

Describe the perfect location to hear your music.

Our music seems to work in filthy, dark clubs or in the open air spaces of festivals.

Punters at The Secret Garden Party were having it to one of our sets in the pissing rain on a Saturday at 3pm.

Your currently unsigned, does nobody like your music?

Oi! Everyone loves our music, it's just that many haven't heard it yet.

In all honesty, we got fed up of waiting for the majors to make up their minds, so we thought 'fuck that, let's get some music out there ourselves, rather than use some A&R twat who know fuck all'.

We've just set up Eat Electric Records for our music, and the first single 'Raising The Beast' is out next February.

Tell me more about your debut album.

Basically, it's a twisted mix of electro, rock, house, hip-hop, breaks, and numerous other genres that are so underground and cool they haven't even been invented yet.

A lot of the tracks have been developed specifically to go off at our live gigs but there's also a couple of chilled numbers on there, too.

What does Devil's Gun actually mean?

The idea's that if the Devil had a gun that fired music it'd sound like what comes out of our studio.

They say the Devil has the best tunes…

What are your live gigs like?

High energy sweat-fests and a proper buzz.

We've got 2 vocalists, guitar, percussion, keys, decks & FX, so none of that bullshit where producer X stands behind some random piece of kit, pretending to twiddle knobs.

What's the worst thing about being in a band?

Having to share minuscule alcohol riders between six of us.

It's not fair. I bet The Prodigy never have to go halves on a can of Red Stripe.