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60 secs with...Tocadisco

60 secs with...Tocadisco

DJmag.com caught up with Tocadisco, the hottest remixer in dance music, for a quick natter.

You've recently remixed the Pet Shop Boys, Black Eyed Peas and New Order and your remix of The Egg's 'Walking Away' is on that Citroen car ad. Do you wake up in the morning and think, 'Man, I'm so sexy?'

"Actually, I'm so busy travelling and producing that I don't have time to sit around thinking about success.

"But now that you're asking, I'll admit I think Steve Angello's recent 'Sexy F**k' tune was about me."

Are you really that hot a producer?

"Well, people are sort of saying that now, which is nice because I've been producing for seven years and DJing for 15.

"It's about bloody time!"

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Tocadisco, don't you know it's silly to laugh at your own jokes?

Life must have been pretty different before you were famous…

"I went to the school of hard knocks for DJs, man.

"I was brought up in a small town in Germany.

"We only had one record store that got the releases like two months too late.

"I always had to play for people that didn't want to hear house.

"And to finance my life I had to do all kinds of shitty birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. Life sucked, dude."

You're productions must have sucked too, right at the beginning…

"Oh my god, I have a whole shelf full of never finished tracks.

"I try to learn more about producing every day and try to avoid listening to my old stuff.

"It's like going back to an ex-girlfriend - as soon as you see her you remember why you left her."

Your tunes are kicking ass now though. What's next?

"I just wanna do tracks that have a lot of energy in them.

"When I party I just want to let loose. No more thinking or hesitating - only the moment should count."

So which moment are you most proud of?

"Right now, I'm proud of the fact that I can continue living the dream of being a full-time professional musician.

"I went through a lot of shit to get here."

Did you do anything nasty or unscrupulous along the way?

"No, I didn't do anything that I regret.

"Even if I made mistakes, I believe they were good in the long term because I learnt from them.

"I'm very happy with my life and I've had luck recently.

"If I die tomorrow I know I did everything the way I wanted to."

But if you kick the bucket tomorrow will you have any ambitions left unfulfilled?

"I'm still working on my first album so it would be a shame to die before I finish it."

Not least because it could bring you a load of dough…

"I've made some money, but since the music industry is down at the moment it's not a fortune."

Listen to/buy all of Tocadisco's music at www.djmag.com/download/tocadisco