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Ableton continue with their insightful video series...

Ahead of next week's Amsterdam Dance Event, Ableton drop two new videos showcasing new 4DSOUND technology. The new two-part video series looks to the future of live performance and immersive sound.

With a three-dimensional grid of 48 speakers, 4DSound allows a DJ or musician to position and fluidly move sounds spatially, for a performance that envelops the audience.

The guys from Ableton filmed the team behind 4DSound in Amsterdam to find out more about the way they’re challenging performers and listeners to embrace new paradigms of performance and listening, and how they use Live to help them achieve that goal.

Watch the first video below, and learn about the conception of 4DSound from founder Paul Oomen, plus follow musician Martin Stimming as he prepares a custom performance for the system.

There is also a chance to stream/download an exclusive full-length live set performed by Stimming on 4DSound — and recorded binaurally. Pretty tech-laden stuff, that’s what we like here at DJ Mag.

In the second video, Creative Developer Salvador Breed explains how Max for Live forms the core of the control between performer and system in 4DSound.

This is high-level stuff and worth a view, taking a peek into the future of sound and performance. If watching all of this has whetted your appetite, make sure to join Ableton, Dauwd, Kölsch, 4DSOUND and more at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 where you will get to see this amazing array in all its technicolour glory.