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ADE's Big Cheese

ADE's Big Cheese

With the Amsterdam Dance Event almost here, caught up with the geezer who runs it, to discuss why it's worth going.

"There wasn't really anything in Europe back in 1996 when we started that was bringing the dance music community together.

"Of course, there was the Winter Music Conference, in Miami, which when we started was like our counterpart.

"Now it is a totally different vibe to what we do."

How have you seen it change over the years?

"It started out as 300 delegates - this year it will be close to 2000.

"It might not be huge in conference terms but we are specialising in electronic music and that gives us a certain edge.

"Also, our night programme has become much bigger - this year there will be over 100 club nights during the three days of the conference.

"ADE is a great place for big labels to present their new breed of artists."

So are there more clubbers coming for the weekend now who don't register for ADE?

"Yes, for sure. We expect over 20,000 people from outside Holland to come to Amsterdam. Mostly from the UK and Germany."

What are some of this year's highlights?

"This year I'm really interested in a panel we are doing about the syncing of music to game and videos and films.

"We have some special events happening as well – a tribute to Bob Moog and the Rocket Cinema Festival.

"It's all about taking old movies and putting new music underneath live while the movie is being screened."

What are you most excited about?

"Well, the Bob Moog tribute – there are some exciting people performing at that, like Legowelt.

"Then also people I've never seen before, like Benny Benassi or Human Body.

"The main thing about ADE is that it's so broad, there really is something for everybody."