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Adultnapper Chart

Adultnapper Chart

DJ Charts April 2008

01.Audion- Billy Say Go- Spectral

02.(A)ppendics Shuffle- Mas Lines (Adultnapper Mix)- Ransom Footnotes

03.Alexi Delano- What is Control (Adultnapper's What is the Point mix)-Audiomatique

04.Ekkohaus- Amoeba- Cargo Edition

05.Solomun- Flying Pics- Diynamic

06.Punisher and John Overfiend-Thermal Underwear (Selway mix)- Hej

07.Bjorn Wilke- Fallstudie-Kaato Music

08.Miniloque and KAB- Thats a Nice Way to Give me Feedback (Wighomy Brothers mix)- Audiobahn

09.Alland Byallo- She Says Passion- Dialtone

10.Luca Bachetti- Night over Kwazulu- Wagon Repair

11.Alexi Delano- Under My Skin- Ransom Note