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This month's coverstar speaks out.

Following last year’s “We all hit play” run-in over EDM live sets, Deadmau5 and Afrojack had another very public difference of opinion this summer. 

Deadmau5 sparked the spat by criticising Afrojack’s assertion that good music will always succeed, saying on Facebook, “What do you mean good? Good as in sounds like every fuckin’ other EDM track out there good?” 

They then apparently mocked each other with parodies of each other’s musical style on Soundcloud (Afrojack’s ‘Something’ and Deadmau5’s ‘Drop Da Bomb’). 

Speaking in this month's DJ Mag Afrojack remained philosophical about the whole situation:

“I just think it’s really important that people get to make their own choices of what they like or not. There’s a song that’s No.1 on Beatport, a lot of people probably like it else they wouldn’t buy it. So is there a music God that says ‘This is good music and this is bad music’? No. You might like a song that I don’t. I might like a song that you don’t. Let’s keep it at that. We’re all just guys that make music and if you like it that’s nice and if you don’t like it too bad. Hope you like another song, maybe the next one. Outside of that by the way, I do love his music.” 

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