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Box Energy remix from new Terry Farley/Leo Zero project

Ex-Yazoo singer Alison Moyet's recent album, 'The Minutes', was given a bit of dancefloor oomf with a universally brilliant remix follow-up, featuring the likes of YoungTEE, Brassica and Ali Renault.

Following in their footsteps in complimenting the icon singer's distinctive vocal are Terry Farley and Leo Zero, working together under their Box Energy guise. Filled with warm bass and spring loaded percussion that contract the icy sentiments of the vocal, it captures the expansive production sound of big studio '80s pop while giving it some proper welly for the dancefloor.

Best of all, they've given it to use exclusively to download free.

Catch Terry's recent set, from when he performed at one of DJ Mag's Live Sessions for London club night Banjee Boy Realness, below.