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Another Dollop, please

Another Dollop, please

Derrick May joins lineup for the last in the Detroit Series

Cliché though it may be, it’s nigh on undeniable that the best things come in threes: musketeers, Star Wars films, laws of thermodynamics – all at their best as a neat triplet. So it’s only fitting for the Dollop lads to be completing their triumvirate of Detroit Series with the final third of the Belleville Three, the masterful Derrick May.

To those not in the know (and shame on you if you aren’t) Derrick is ‘The Innovator’, so named for his role in developing techno beyond the pumping grooves of Juan Atkins. Alongside Atkins and Kevin Saunderson he was responsible for forging techno in the post-industrial fires of Detroit, setting off a two-decade long movement of kids dancing in the dark to repetitive noises that their mums didn’t understand.

Excitingly (and rather timefully) the good fellows over at Fact magazine have recently unearthed a recording of Derrick at his finest from back in 1993, a 25-minute showcase of the frenetic mixing that’s characterized May’s sets ever since.

Similarly on an old-school, unearthed mixes tip is JD Twitch, half of the much-adored Optimo who’ll also be spinning sounds at Dollop’s little shindig. In fact, this mix was recorded in support of Derrick May back in 1992, so in a way the whole event’s a kind of 20th anniversary job. As if things weren’t special enough already.

Further support comes from Hot Creations’ hottest creations, Waifs and Strays, who’ll no doubt be laying done some funk-infused gangster house, and if you can’t make it down then not to worry – the Boiler Room crew are going to be broadcasting the whole shebang live. Which is very kind of them.

Of course, watching a party from your bed isn’t quite the same as being there, so we’d recommend actually buying tickets and actually heading down to Hackney’s Netil House. Yes, you have to get up and get dressed but trust us, you’ll thank us later.


The Detroit Series: 003

When: Friday 27th July

Where: Netil House, Hackney

Lineup: Derrick May, JD Twitch, Waifs & Strays, Jon Rust, Nic Tasker, Dollop DJs

Tax: £10-£12

Times: 10pm-6am