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Bob Moog = phat name when it comes to bass

Even though music technology is progressing at a blisteringly fast pace, some things will never change — things like producers wanting fat basses, and the fact that Bob Moog is still probably the fattest name in the world when it comes to bass. Arturia have used their True Analog Emulation (TAE) technology to bring back to life one of the most revered classic synthesisers, namely the Minimoog model D, as the iMini.

The sound quality of the iMini is awesome: faithfully recreating those huge bass noises that put the Minimoog on the map. The mid and high ranges do not disappoint, either. The filters stay fairly true to the original Minimoog, and while not exactly the same as the original, they should keep all but the most ardent chin-strokers happy.

MIDI connectivity is supported via Core MIDI, allowing for either WI-FI control or direct cable control via the camera connection kit, and the iMini is also compatible with Tabletop. At such a sweet price, buying the iMini is as close to a no-brainer purchase as any paid app ever will be.

Arturia's iMini is avaliable to purchase from here for £6.99