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Popular DAW goes mobile

Steinberg’s most famous product Cubase hardly needs an introduction with many of the best tracks of the dance scene having being written and produced using this incredibly popular piece of software. The release of Cubasis for the iPad is going to make an awful lot of people in the world of music very happy indeed.

This latest incarnation of Cubase promises to make music writing and production truly portable without ever needing to leave the Cubase environment. Cubasis for iOS is a multi-touch sequencer that has been streamlined for the iPad to provide a stable and oh-so-portable production environment that can be exported directly to Cubase, running on a Windows PC or Mac running OSX. 

It has some very serious features lurking behind the gorgeous multi-touch user interface and is clearly aimed at professional music production. Some of the most interesting and exciting features include unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, more than 70 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic, 10 effects processors, 300 MIDI and audio loops, a sample editor along with a virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads. Getting projects out of the iPad is made a breeze with the option to export to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud and AudioCopy as well as email being on offer. The option to import audio tracks directly from iTunes is available and Core Audio and Core MIDI are supported to provide integration with other apps.

Steinberg have done an amazing job with the user interface for this app and have taken full advantage of the iPad’s touch-screen to speed up workflow and create a production environment that works seamlessly with the host device. This iOS version of Cubasis is sure to be hugely popular with the Cubase community and is just as likely to be seen on stages and DJ booths in the coming months as it will be on planes, trains and automobiles.

Price: £34.99