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Touch it, Bring it, Drop it

TouchOSC is a handy little App that will appeal to hardcore tweakers and the less technical alike by providing an interface for iPads and iPhones to connect to pretty much any MIDI or OSC compatible music software or hardware. OSC or Open Sound Control is a way of transmitting data to musical instruments and software in a similar way to MIDI but with many advantages over MIDI, the biggest of which is that OSC can be used via networks and Wi-Fi (although you will also need Touch OSC Bridge to convert the signal).

This app allows users to create their own custom templates ready to control the software or synthesiser of their choice using either Wi-Fi or a wired connection when used with an iOS compatible MIDI interface.

Included are layouts each designed to take care of individual tasks such mixing, drum programming and MIDI keyboard style key inputs, each layout has several screens of touch sensitive controllers such as faders, knobs and buttons. Custom layouts can be created on a Mac or PC using software that is available to download for free from Hexler’s website. Also available as a free download is TouchOSC Bridge for OSX and Windows which allows TouchOSC to control software that supports MIDI but not OSC.

With a little imagination and time it is possible to use TouchOSC in a huge variety of ways. This app can be used to create a full blown touch screen DJ controller for use out on the road or even for something as simple as a remote control for a DAW such as Cubase or Logic.

Download the TouchOSC app from Hexler on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch here for £2.99.