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Arnie Is A Raver!

Arnie Is A Raver! has found some video footage that proves Arnold Schwarzenegger loves a good rave when he's not making action flicks, or being governor of California.

The Internet is full of irrelevant rubbish, and there's some great skiving and time wasting to be had whilst surfing at work. stumbled across a video that proves Arnold Schwarzenegger is in fact a raver at heart – he's been caught on camera dancing away to trance, and using glowsticks.

Arnie's so into the music, he even takes his top off to reveal that famous muscular physique.

Perhaps we should rename his films to highlight his love for rave?

Here's our ideas:

The Raveinator
Raveinator 2
The Running Man (no need to change the name of this one – Arnie named this film after his favourite dance move)
Conan The Clubber
The Sixth Rave
Total Raver
True Raves

Think you can do better? Add your own Arnie rave film title ideas in our forum.

Watch Arnie's rave video here