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Italy’s mysterious masked marauders

There is a new authority rumbling from the city of Brescia, in Northern Italy. It’s called AUCAN. "Though we might be from here, its always for very brief periods, because we tour a lot," they tell DJ Mag. Having performed over 300 live shows in the last three years, which includes opening for acts like Placebo, Steve Aoki, Dinosaur Jr., and The Chemical Brothers, this Italian duo are the latest live act to watch. 

AUCAN’s music has an organically infectious, mind-melding, hypnotic state-of-mind, kind of appeal to it. Their productions combine epic, hauntingly, dark future synth sounds, with aggressively rich punk rock overtones and hip-hop grooves, which swirl in a haze of captivating allure. They say, "we’re not focused on tagging ourselves to a certain genre, but we make energetic noise sounds that is curated to feel like a trip to the audience or listener."  

In a time when electronic music is at the highest banner and chant forefront, and the Internet knows all, it’s hard to stay away from the public eye for too long. But Jo and Fra's mysteriously cutting-edge, modern day, cloaked shaman guises have been instrumental to their style. The two call themselves, "behind-the-scenes directors," who think they "are still at a stage in our careers where we want our music to do the talking. We don’t want to be protagonists that way anyway."


The principal philosophy behind "AUCANISM" is to, "express free will with no definite leader figures, just sound. In some South American dialect, AUCAN means, "rebel", Jo says. After putting out a stellar remix for The Bloody Beetroots' "Out Of Sight", and the upcoming EP1 on Ultra Music out in April, the twosome are ready to bring their DJ set and self-designed visuals to US soil. "We've always wanted to play in America, so we hope they [fans] like the music. We make our own visuals too. During our show we want our audience to feel like they completely embrace AUCANISM to its full potential, like they are part of a movie." 

"Riot", the latest single off of the forthcoming EP is a bolstering banger. A thunderous outcry of crash cymbals kick off the track, followed by evocative gabber like drum rhythms, and the incessantly entrancing blur of white noise injects a tone of defiance in the production. It’s available for free download below: 

Words by: Rishabh Bhavnani