Out-of-this world speaker innovation in dance music

Pure Groove Systems has unveiled a pitch-perfect partnership with Danley Sound Labs, to launch a series of sound systems specifically designed for the festival and club experience.

Audio lynchpins Tom Danley and Mike Hedden founded Danley Sound Labs in 2005. As former Director of Electroacoustic Research with NASA™, Danley has become a research leader in the uses of acoustics in the military and demonstrating acoustical levitation through high intensity sound. Danley Sound Labs' products are used by Cirque du Soleil, IMAX and major sports arenas and now, DJ Mag’s Pool Party at Surfcomber in Miami, Wednesday March 26.

Kicking off this Miami Music Week 2014, Pure Groove Systems enters the dance music realm with a revolutionary power to size ratio that creates an out-of-this world aesthetic and environment. Requiring reduced square footage, fewer speakers and rigging means a less intrusive system that consumes less power, with an enhanced audio experience.

Damian Murphy, founder of Pure Groove Systems, has been producing music festivals for 25 years, took off his headphones long enough to share some insight into the sound.

DJM: In layman’s terms explain what makes Pure Groove Systems the ultimate live music system?
Damian Murphy: Clarity, precision and power. Fewer sources of sound means less interference so the audience can experience the music the way it is meant to be heard. Pound for pound, Pure Groove, delivers unmatched output per speaker. Our founder Tom Danley, has been working on sound his entire life – really cutting edge scientific stuff for NASA and more – audio levitation, sonic booms - next level use of sound. Now he’s bringing that expertise to music. You have to hear it to believe it.

How does it specifically enhance the experience of dance music?
Pure Groove Systems go very low, loud and tight, which is perfect for experiencing dance music. As mentioned we are able to deliver more sound per box than other systems – which means the music hits the audience from fewer points – which yields far greater sound clarity.

What can attendees expect from the sound at DJ Mag's party at Surfcomber?
Massive punch, impact and supreme clarity – a serious system for a serious party!

How do you cater the system to match each artist's specific sound needs?
Yep, we know all the artists and have done for years. We just provide the artists with a clean white canvas for them to express themselves as they intend their music to be experienced – they can sound how they were meant to be heard.

Which set are you most looking forward to at the DJ Mag party?
Really looking forward hearing Kevin Saunderson on our system as he is one of the original pioneers of techno. Will be an exciting moment for sure!

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