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Back 2 The Future

Back 2 The Future

Drum & bass classics remixed by YOU!

Reinforced Records - one of the most innovative and respected drum & bass labels - has teamed up with junglist originators Nebula II for an ambitious new remix project: Back2You.
Originally conceived as a pipe-dream by one half of the duo, Joachim Shotter, last year, the dream has become a reality, with Reinforced throwing open the doors of their back catalogue and giving budding producers the chance to remix their dopest tracks.
"I waited a long time to do it, and last year Reinforced agreed to get involved and open up the whole back catalogue for the Back2You project. It's to give people an opportunity to get their music out there that they wouldn't normally have, and a good way to get the Reinforced name back out there - and it's also something to have some fun with!" Joachim explained.

Each month a new track is uploaded to, encouraging remixers to produce fresh new versions of cuts by the likes of Goldie under his Rufige Kru guise, 4-Hero, Nebula II themselves, Nicky Blackmarket, Manix and loads more. Genre-wise, anyone can have a go at re-touching the tracks, with many breaks, house and dubstep heads getting their remix on.
The best remixes are uploaded and a public vote online decides on each month's winning mix. The best will receive a full release through Reinforced/Back2You, with runners-up having their tracks made available as exclusive, online-only official remixes.

The most recent track to get the Back2You treatment is 4-Hero's proto-jungle, rave classic 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare', and currently the track of choice online is Rufige Kru's infamous 'Krisp Biscuit'.
To enter the remix competition yourself, simply submit an MP3 of your track via to The winning producers will be contacted directly.
Shotter's been overwhelmed by the sheer quality of the mixes received so far.
"There are some wicked bedroom producers out there, people are getting to grips with the music and turning out some stuff that is really different. I'm really pleased with the response," he beamed.

As the Back2You project snowballs, its reintroduction of classic tracks to a new generation of junglists, and a new breed of producers, is likely to create some very exciting new projects indeed.