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Steinberg announces Cubase Essential 4

Sequencer guru's Steinberg have trimmed the production fat out of their heavyweight DAW and repackaged the essential features as Cubase Essential 4, no less. For many dance producers, the essential feature set will provide plenty of power since it still retains the ability to mix up to 64 audio tracks, unlimited Midi tracks and up to 16 VST instruments. Time stretching, track freeze plus 44 plugins thrown in for the bargain price of £99 should be enough to put a smile on your face.


Comprehensive composing, recording and mixing tools including 64 audio tracks, unlimited MIDI tracks, 44 included VST3 and MIDI plug-ins, 16 VST instrument slots, full latency compensation and much more

Integrated HALionOne sampling instrument with over 100 playable instruments including waves from the Yamaha Motif synthesizer

Built-in Amp Simulator for instant guitar recording with 14 amps and 10 speaker simulations with a new, easy-to-use interface

AudioWarp real-time time stretching and pitch shifting with formant correction for natural-sounding transposition and full tempo matching

Arranger Track with pattern-based arranging tools stores up to 16 different arrangements for on-the-fly reordering of song sections, experimenting with arrangements or live performances

MediaBay sound management technology for intuitive management of all audio, MIDI and video files, track and instrument presets with in-context auditioning

Instrument Tracks offer fast and efficient handling of VST instruments and add VST instruments to a project in a one-step operation

Track Presets are best combined with the MediaBay for instant saving and recall of audio, MIDI and instrument track parameters, including drag and drop into the project or onto an existing track

Drag & Drop for Insert FX for fast swapping of inserts and copying/moving plug-ins between tracks in the Cubase Essential 4 mixer

Cross-platform: Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5, Universal Binary

Many more new features for customers upgrading from Cubase SE3 including Track Freeze, VST Plug-in Bridge, a redesigned Sample Editor, Advanced QuickTime 7 Support and much more.

Price and Availability

  • Cubase Essential 4 is shipping worldwide, and costs €149.00 £99

    For more information, please visit