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Berlin club, SOUNDS, shuts after electrical fire

Berlin club, SOUNDS, shuts after electrical fire

The fire broke out at the LGBTQ+ venue last weekend...

sounds nightclub.png
sounds nightclub.png

Berlin nightclub SOUNDS has been "ravaged" by an electrical fire.

Sharing the sad news in a Facebook post, the club's owners announced that the fire had "ravaged a majority of SOUNDS", adding that, thankfully, "no one was present, hurt, or injured in the incident".

SOUNDS, which describes itself as a "progressive, underground space for the Queer community", is in the Neukölln area of Berlin, close to clubs Griessmühle and Sameheads.

"Given the circumstances," the statement continues. "We don't anticipate being able to reopen in our current capacity but our dream of a safe, Queer space lives on in our sister space KAKE but even more importantly in you and we truly hope you keep that dream alive no matter where you are."

"As you are hopefully aware gentrification, income inequality, and LGBTQ+phobia has had an astounding effect on our city in recent years. More and more clubs are closing and safe spaces for Queer people are disappearing."

"In creating SOUNDS we had hoped to counteract these changes and we made a huge effort to make a truly safe space but, as with many things at the margins of society, we were subjected to unsafe conditions which have led us to our current situation."

SOUNDS have set up a GoFundMe page to support staff in the interim period and help to rebuild the space.

Read the full statement below.