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Counting down the best of DJ 'WTF' moments in 2014

2014: the year of click bait articles and cheesy EDM news everyone loved to hate. From Art Department dissing Laidback Luke to Michelle Obama turning up for DJ Snake- 2014 was most definitely not just about the music but the acts behind it as well. Whether it be through absurd viral videos or your favorite DJs acting out- it’s the readers that add fuel to the fire so we decided to round up the best-of-EDM-news (aside the BS) from this past year, all for the sake of LOLs of course. 



20. Calvin Harris Being Rich


You would think this would be obvious for a dude who headlines every major festival and generates hit singles like its nothing but just about every media outlet weighed in on Mr. Money-Making-Machine, Calvin Harris this past year. He was on almost every ‘highest-paid’ list along with articles about his multi-million dollar mansion and other nonsensical things rich people do. But let’s be real here- what else does one expect from a record-breaking artist who dominates every single award show with an electronic dance music category.


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Justin Bieber Breaking Up With Selena Gomez For The Billionth Time



19. Tiesto Busts His Head


Tiesto hopped on the EDM struggle bus back in March when he was rushed to the hospital for smashing his head on an LED screen and was diagnosed with a concussion- yikes! The DJ sported a black and blue bruise on his forehead for quite a while including the duration of Winter Music Conference and Ultra: a week full of on-screen interviews, pictures, and more- how convenient. Maybe Tijs doesn't really like it better when he's wasted? 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: 'Insert Relevant Celebrity Here' Going To Rehab



18. Avicii Canceling Shows


Speaking of Ultra- Avicii was forced to cancel his set and several other tour dates due to growing health concerns. The Swede was allegedly dealing with prolonging effects of a gall bladder surgery and had his buddy, deadmau5 cover a few of his shows in his absence inlcuding an XS Las Vegas residency. Even Rolling Stone chimed in for this one.


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Someone Getting Kicked Out of a Bougie Miami Club



17. Deadmau5 Trolling Ultra with Literal Remix of Martin Garrix 'Animals'


Pretty sure we can all deem Zimmerman as the master troll for this one. Garrix even responded with an alleged tweet soon to be deleted but no one can hide from a good 'ol screenshot. Hell, the mau5 has been hit with lawsuits galore this year along the whole Disney debacle regarding trademark. Pretty sure there's a saying for this.. mo' money mo' problems, right Joel? 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Amanda Bynes Going On Yet Another Weird Twitter Escapade 



16. Girl Pukes During Above & Beyond Set


Talk about stage fright! This poor girl was the reason behind many headlines around the blogosphere during Halloween along with an embarrasing picture and video to prove it. #PukeTheButton


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: A B-List Actress Getting Preggers by Some Random Rapepr



15. Caked Up Accused of Stealing Songs


Another day, another juicy dance music scandal. Having been accused of stealing three songs from fellow producers in the trap genre - I repeat, THREE songs - Oscar Wylde refused all claims in a twitter rant. Will.I.Am vs. Mat Zo was so last year compared to this calamity. 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Kanye West Being Sued for Sampling Someone Else's Irrelevant Beat



14. Deorro Not Receiving Enough Food Tokens at Tomorrowland


Well this tweet just about sums it up: 


Holy shit... @deorro is fuckin goin mental over a food ticket. Sheeeeit

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) July 18, 2014


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Orlando Bloom Punching Bieber in Ibiza 



13. Anything Paris Hilton Related


From Paris Hilton confirming she makes over $350k per DJ gig to her confusing A-Trak with Armand Van Helden- she ruled the blogosphere with her DJ-ing antics.  

Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Model Fake DJ-ing Some Random Party During NY Fashion Week



12. Oliver Heldens vs. Tchami


This twitter feud was one for the books. Tchami totally called out Oliver Heldens on 'jacking his style' aka the entire genre of Future House. Being a pioneer is one thing but we're not really sure how one can ultimately deem a genre their own.


For the love of GOD, can you stop jacking my style @OliverHeldens #FutureHouse

— TCHAMI (@iamTchami) September 24, 2014


Jealousy eats nothing but it’s own heart. It's a rather enjoyable emotion to watch though, isn't it?

— Oliver Heldens (@OliverHeldens) September 24, 2014


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Epic Cat-Fight During Episode of Bad Girls Club



11. Girl Spills Water on Dillon Francis's Laptop at Holy Ship!!!


What happened on Holy Ship!!! didn't exactly stay on Holy Ship when this video surfaced of one of Diplo's dancers twerking her way to spilling vodka all over Francis's laptop. Awkward.


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Random Girl Makes Six Figures for Twerking on Vine



10. Michelle Obama 'Turn Down For What' Vine


It was a good year for DJ Snake to say the least. The French producer not only got nominated for yet another Grammy, joined interscope and played countless main stages all year but got a little shoutout from the first lady herself in this epic 'Turn Down For What' Vine: 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: This was literally a TMZ article




9. Steve Aoki Crowd Surfing


While festival season came to its demise back in August this year, DJs going on tour did not. For example: Steve Aoki knocking over the DJ Booth while trying to stage dive.


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Iggy Azalea Falling Off Stage During Live Performance




8. Steve Aoki Look-Alike Trolling Stereosonic


With a signature look such as Steve Aoki's, it's not difficult to impersonate; much like this guy who recently walked around Australian music festival, Stereosonic pretending to be the world reknowned DJ. 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Girl Who Makes 20k Off Looking Like Rihanna




7. Diplo Trolling Taylor Swift


If you find yourself scrolling through Diplo's tweets, you should be aware to definitely not take anything he says seriously. But who kows what Diplo's underlying intentions were while tweeting this one: 


Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty

— dippity doo da (@diplo) November 12, 2014


Seems a bit harsh doesn't it? Definitely not as harsh as what Taylor Swift fans had to say back to the DJ-of-all-trades. Which I'm sure ranged from death threats to straight up snide comments. 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: An actual TMZ article. 




6. Lorde Clapping Back


Here comes Taylor Swift's BFF to the rescue! Following Diplo's tweet, Lorde replied ASAP to her friends defense calling Pentz out for his supposed 'little' problem down under.. 


@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm

— Lorde (@lordemusic) November 13, 2014



Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Yeah, this was literally a TMZ article




5. Art Department Vs. Laidback Luke b2b Sander Van Doorn b2b Steve Aoki


What's really going on behind the decks during crowded b2b's? The question turned controversy was answered during a set at a Miami party during the music week back in March by Laidback Luke, Sander Van Doorn, and Steve Aoki. Talk about awkward. Tech-duo, Art Department even went as far to call them out on Facebook, going as far as calling them 'douchebags' and 'jerk-off's'. Many had input about the matter including a mutual friend of Luke, Doorn and Aoki- Chris Lake


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Kanye Calling Out Taylor Swift in Beyonce's Defense at the VMA's 




4. Skrillex Calling Out Thump


Back in September, post Burning Man- Thump posted an article about Jack U getting 'boo-ed' right before Seth Troxler for allegedly playing 'Turn Down For What'. Known for their testy articles and borderline scornful coverage but hell, that's what Vice is known for. Regardless, Skrillex does not support it at all. 


.@thumpthump you have so much influence and reach, stop being EDM TMZ. Hire more writers who actually give a shit about whats going on

— Skrillex (@Skrillex) September 18, 2014


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Thump Turned




3. Richie Hawtin Time Warp Incident


At Time Warp, a tech-fest in New York City, Richie Hawtin found himself the subject of a new hashtag - #SpeakerGate - for shoving a speaker onto a woman who was recording his set. The video went viral, forcing Hawtin to respond via his Facebook page


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: An Exaggerated Celebrity Temper Tantrum



2. David Guetta Zoning Out During Tomorrowland Livestream


From best-of-meme articles to conspiracy theories surrounding around David Guetta's hilarious Tomorrowland incident- the DJ addressed the matter and shut down rumors although it was fun while it lasted: 


“I think it happens to everyone to be in his own thoughts for thirty seconds. I thought it was really funny and ridiculous. Yes, I am in my thought for a minute and yes, I am probably very tired, like I am right now, because I do 150 shows a year and I am making an album. I do not sleep much.”


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: Some Relevant Celebrity Getting Rushed to the Hospital from a Club




1. Krewella Lawsuit


Alas the topic that has been buzzing on your Facebook feeds, trending on your Twitterverses and running through your veins. OK- maybe that last part was a bit of a stretch but you get the idea. A touchy subject sprinkled around a lawsuit of epic proportions with a dash of suggested sexism is the perfect mix for your daily dose of drama in the dance music scene with this hot subject; a he-said, she-said lawsuit b2b sans CDJs. While many have chimed in on the matter, it's hard not to sense an urge of relevancy for the group. Some say this isn't just a lawsuit but a matter of bullying and sexism while others claim it is a matter of simply stretching the group's 15 minutes of fame. Who knows- but it's inevitably the top EDM TMZ moment of the year. 


Level of EDM TMZ-ness: #BreakTheInternet