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Best Of British 2010: Best Fashion Brand - FLY53

Best Of British 2010: Best Fashion Brand - FLY53

Flying High - FLY53 spread their wings

FLY53 had originally been in the business of making t-shirts for friends’ bands, noodling around printing up limited edition t-shirts for mates and other skatewear labels before they realized that they could be doing it for themselves.

“We played around at making garments, making a load of mistakes. Then we found a factory in Nottingham that made parachute gear but had also learned how to make jackets,” explains Marketing Manager Clara Dooley. “We wanted to make some technical snowboard jackets, and this guy was prepared to try it and do it with us. When they hit the stores they sold like crazy. FLY53 was born.”

Broadly influenced by youth culture and underground fraternities, both past and present, their designs nod heavily to the technical and functional aspects of military clothing. However, it’s music that is their true passion. “Be it the songs or the clothes that the artists wear, we look to this industry for our main line of inspiration, season after season,” Clara elaborates.

It’s also possibly because of their sharp wit and edge that DJmag readers hold them close to their hearts. Who can forget their hilarious ‘Ketamine, Just Say Neigh’ classic t-shirts?! “We have an undercurrent theme of subversion throughout our collections, whether this be a twist on show in traditional pieces or through the dark humour displayed in our graphics,” Clara confirms.

2011 is going to be a massive year for them. After spending 2010 putting in the groundwork, they will be revealing their stand-alone concept stores in the UK. They’re currently working on a number of secret collaborations with artists, which they will also shine light on in the new year.

“FLY53 is growing rapidly throughout the UK as this award shows us! We will be popping up with lots of exciting things next year, so be sure to keep in touch with us and follow what we are doing,” promises Clara.

And a word to your fans? “It has to be a thanks from us to you, it’s great to know that so many people are appreciating what we do. Most importantly, keep talking to us through our online channels, it’s always great to get feedback on what we are doing — right and wrong!”

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