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Best Of British 2010: Best Music Outlet - Juno

Best Of British 2010: Best Music Outlet - Juno

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The Juno story is the perfect tale of how a small idea can grow into a burgeoning, successful business.

“We started Juno in 1996 as an information website listing new dance music vinyl as it was released each week,” says Richard Atherton, creator of Juno alongside his business and life partner Sharon Boyd.

“As soon as we started it, we were receiving emails from people from all over the world asking where they could buy the records we were listing. At that time, there were hardly any internet-based music shops, so it seemed like the obvious step to become one.”

Richard and Sharon were dance music fans based in Wales at the time and were aware of how difficult it could be to get hold of the dance tunes they read about in magazines.

“That’s why it has always been our policy to be non-judgmental about music and let the customers shape the shop,” says Richard. “Juno is all about providing the music people want to hear and buy to anywhere in the world.”

Most of you reading this will have bought some music from Juno ( Since it first appeared online, the site has changed beyond recognition. Now you can buy vinyl, CDs, WAV files and mp3s via Juno. There is a Juno record label and the site manufactures and distributes labels such as Jay Shepheard’s Retrofit and techno label Sect. It’s also just started selling “DJ Producer packs” and the site started its own magazine Juno Plus last year. Plans for this year include expanding equipment sales and selling major label downloads.

“We have about 150,000 active customers and some of those have been buying from us since 1997,” Richard reveals. “Lots of premier league DJs buy from us every week but we can’t give our customers’ names away.”

The secret to Juno’s success, says Richard, is responding to change and giving customers what they want. “You have to accept changes in music as they develop, otherwise you get left behind.

“The constant change in technology and styles is what keeps dance music interesting and that’s why we’re still so excited about being involved in it.”

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