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Maya Jane Coles 'DJ-Kicks'

The meteoric Maya Jane didn't have to wait quite as long as some of the other members of the 'DJ-Kicks' alumnus society to be asked to drop a mix for the pivotal series. She joins a glittering — and eclectic — number, including Stacey Pullen, Carl Craig, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares On Wax, Andrea Parker, Playgroup, Tiga, Erlend Øye, The Glimmers, Four Tet, Hot Chip, Photek and Scuba.

But few of them have risen to prominence in quite the same blink of an eye that she has. “I was quite anti-house because the only stuff that I heard was really cheesy vocal stuff on the radio,” she has said. “I hated it. I used to think, 'Who listens to that'?”

How things change. These days the 24-year-old Londoner, who has been making beats since she started messing about in her bedroom at 15, has entwined herself effortlessly in the business of house music. Releases this year have come thick and fast for the likes of Hypercolour, Heidi's Jackathon Jams, Anja Schneider's Mobilee and 1trax, while her touring schedule would be enough to punish Madonna.

She's also found time to launch her own label, I Am Me, which showcased her own EP 'Easier To Hide' in December, a flourish to a solid year. But it was the 'Kicks' album which found itself among her most impressive projects of 2012. Effortlessly programmed, it collected tracks from Kris Wadsworth, Phil Kieran and Adam Stacks.

It featured Caribou's peerless mix of Virgo Four's 'It's A Crime', dark garage from Last Magpie and even darker techno courtesy of Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann. Her own exclusive track, the jacking, undulating 'Not Listening', is up there with the best exclusives yet produced for Studio !K7's veteran series. And when it's to be found in such esteemed company, that's saying something.

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