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Rinsed by tastemakers for yonks, we finally got our hands on deadly bass techno killer 'Mercy VIP' in 2013...

“If any of your crew aren’t tuned in they’re going to want to hear this so make sure you phone ‘em, text ‘em, Skype ‘em, whatever modes of communication you have,” said Loefah, on his Swamp81 show on Rinse FM on the 11th April 2012, as the punchy, raw, techno stabs of the ‘Boddika VIP Mix’ of Boddika & Joy O was played on air for the very first time. “Check this sound properly. World exclusive. Right here.”

And then Loefah played the tune — a dose of gut-pummeling drums and short-shock hooks that prompted a tidal wave of listeners to call and text into the show so they could hear it again, straight away.

Then, after several months causing carnage on dancefloors and airwaves all over the UK, Boddika’s VIP version of his own and Joy Orbison’s blistering ‘Mercy’ came out officially in February this year, as part of the 'Think & Change LP Sampler 1', on Boddika’s own NonPlus Records.

The original of ‘Mercy’ was released in early 2012, as part of one of the duo’s SunkLo 12” releases. Then, for the remix, NonPlus label owner Boddika channeled all of his main musical influences — old school electro beats, from the likes of Aux 88 and Drexciya, techno and hip-hop into a version that did what every remix should do.

Also known as Alex Green, this Brit producer’s Boddika moniker is taken from the movie Robocop — specifically its villain, Clarence Boddiker — and it’s a fitting title; dark and edgy, just like his music.

Boddika never expected his VIP mix of ‘Mercy’ to do so well, despite its ‘VIP’ title. For him, it was a way of updating a tune he already loved, something to put on the ‘Think & Change’ compilation that he planned as a showcase for his label.

He also co-produces music as Instra:mental but now he’s working on a Boddika production album.

So, as you read this, he’s head down in the studio, mining his old school Chicago house, techno and electro influences and marrying them to everything he loves about dubstep, d&b, techno, electro and hip-hop. He’s telling people to “expect the unexpected”. Get ready.