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Our latest missive from the last ever Garden event


So last night was so damned good we may have over-done it somewhat! A 4.30pm start to the day was not in the plan! Ha! We head straight on site so we don’t miss  what we know will be the exquisitely colourful and cosmic performance from Wild Sirenda on the main stage. The girls are not failing to impress the crowd as we all start dancing along to Guinevere’s impressive routine and Lizz’s music for your soul.

After using what little energy we have left, we spot the massage area and decide that a good 20-minute rub might help do the trick! It’s amazing, and now we’re starving so decide that we’ll try the Ribs and Chicken Wing stand followed by a very healthy smoothie. That’s better…



We’ve woken up after a much needed 12-hour sleep! Time to get sparkly, as we know today will be one of the highlights of the week. A bit of food at the Terrazza, which by the way has got to be one of the best restaurants we’ve ever experienced on site at a festival — highly unusual. Now we’re fully charged and ready to get glittered up!

There’s nowhere else in the world we’d rather be right now! If anything sums up this magical festival it’s the Crazy P vs El Diablos Boat Party! It’s about 38 degrees and the vibes that are coming out of this boat are all-consuming.

Danni is hilarious as she warns us ‘Right, it’s hot out here, make sure you get some suntan lotion on. If you don’t have any lotion then just get someone to jiz on ya!’ Oops, we think the boys might have just turned her mic off, how dare they?!? Danni starts her set off with the beautiful, soulful soul jam from Marti Caine “Love The Way You Love Me’.

Amongst all the craziness there’s still some time and space to reflect on how incredibly stunning this place is. Paradise is the word that springs to mind, whilst we dangle our feet over the side of the boat to the sounds of  ‘Down To Love’/’Hot Toddy’ (Crazy P) and watch the sun as it starts to get lower and lower in the sky. Neil Diablo ends the party with Dan Hartman’s ‘Relight My Fire’ and the whole boat is rocking.

It’s midnight and we are dancing to Justin Vandervolgen and Lee Douglas, the site looks so beautiful from down here as the water laps at the edge of the dancefloor. We start queuing for taxis to get to Barbarella’s and it’s laborious, we’re all so desperate to get there for Seth Troxler and Craig Richards.

When we arrive we find the perfect spot to dance. Opposite the DJ at the back of the club, we watch as the club fills to capacity. The music isn’t what we expected from Seth eg. disco edits, but it‘s more of a minimal set when he goes back to back with the legendary Craig Richards. 


Words: Shino Allen