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Booka Shade Interview

Booka Shade Interview

Booka Shade are this issue's coverstars. DJmag chatted to them about their upcoming album, and playing live.

Playing live has really influenced how the new album sounds," says Arno Kammermeier, one half of Get Physical's formidable dance outfit Booka Shade.

Booka Shade were the toast of Ibiza last summer with their hit 'Body Language', and follow up 'Mandarine Girl' turned them into dancefloor heroes (both records combined sold in excess of 30,000 copies).

DJmag named Get Physical 'Label of the Year' last December, and Booka Shade are a major reason for its success.

We caught up with Booka Shade to discuss their new album 'Movement', a record that has been directly influenced by the duo's live gigs.


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"The new album took us about eight months to put together, but it was good being able to directly test the music and see what the reactions were," says Arno.

"'Darko', for example, was a highlight in all our live shows so that had to go on the album.

"And if you listen to 'Paper Moon' it sounds very positive, like you could listen to it on a beach or something.

"We recorded that when we came back from a beach festival in Spain.

"In fact, it really is a documentary of all the places we have played live in Europe."

Booka Shade's Walter Merziger reveals that their new 'Movement' album is
more uplifting than their last.

"The whole album is very positive," he says.

"If you listen to the first album it is quite dark, or we call it 'claustrophobic'.

"'Movements' is a lot more open and positive."


Aly and fila
Sun Block

We see what we do like an electronic rock show – we play our songs

Aly and fila
Walter, Booka Shade
Aly and fila
Both 'Body Language' and 'Mandarine Girl' appear on the album, albeit in slightly re-hashed fashion.

They have become Booka Shade's official anthems, and are the very backbone of their live shows.

Walter believes familiarity is key - that the crowd need an instant reference point to reel them in.

"Karl Hyde from Underworld said he's happy with 'Born Slippy' and how the crowd reacts to the first few notes.

"We are the same," recounts Walter. "When you are in the crowd and you hear a riff that brings back memories, it makes you feel good.

"That's why the Rolling Stones have played 'Satisfaction' a million times - and still play it.

"We see what we do like an electronic rock show – we play our songs. We might have special versions for our live shows but people should be able to recognise our songs, we are very proud of them."

There's a full interview with Booka Shade in the latest issue of DJmag.