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Bootshaus, Cologne reigns supreme as EDM DJs discuss their favourite clubs

Bootshaus, Cologne reigns supreme as EDM DJs discuss their favourite clubs

We asked 10 EDM DJs what their favourite clubs in the world to play are and why. Awesome clubs in Brazil, LA, Montreal and Las Vegas boasted their own fair share of special moments, but it was the legendary Bootshaus, Cologne that stood out as six of these well-travelled selectors chose it as their No.1...

Founded by promoters U Lee and Sascha as a hub for all things vibrant and wild, the former warehouse venue that is Bootshaus has become the stuff of legend. The club boasts three unique areas, including its amphitheatre-like main room with stunning visuals and pyrotechnics as well as an entire open-air section. With its unbelievable Funktion One system and a back catalogue of trance, EDM and house performances that few can beat, there seems to be a good reason that Bootshaus is so popular among these DJs among the likes of the iconic XS Las Vegas and Exchange LA. 


Favourite club: "XS Las Vegas."

Why: "The vibe in XS is just crazy, it perfectly gives the feeling of the Vegas experience." 

Best memory from the club: "XS was my first show in Las Vegas. I still remember arriving for the first time after seeing all the movies with Vegas in it and it just felt really special. Then, coming into the club and playing for the very first time was just an unreal experience which I will never forget." 


Favourite club: "There are many clubs around the globe which I really love, and it’s hard to make a call, but my favorite one is Exchange LA." 

Why: "This venue has such a unique and strong energy, the crowd is like a sponge waiting to soak up the vibes of the music. This energy goes like a wave between the artist and the crowd back and forth."

Best memory from the club: "I will never forget the fist time I went to the balcony directly opposite the DJ booth on the highest floor. I had such an amazing view of the entire venue with the amazing light show. I really loved it. Only the way back to the DJ booth was pretty hard to find as the back entrance of the stage was pretty hidden."


Favourite club: "Bootshaus, Cologne."

Why: "There is no limit to how hard they will go! One of the most passionate crowds in the world and the best place to test new music." 

Best memory from the club: "Watching the crowd mosh to a track I had just finished that day. No better feeling in in the world!"


Favourite club: "Bootshaus, Cologne."

Why: "It’s an old shipyard and totally not fancy so it has this real factory underground vibe to it with an awesome crowd. They always party their butts off, as if it is their first or their last time."   

Best memory from the club: "They are notoriously known for their mosh pits and it can get a bit rough every now and then but never in a nasty way. Festival in the club, love that!"


Favourite club: "Green Valley, Camboriú, Brazil."

Why: "For all the warm welcomes and all the great stories we have together there."

Best memory from the club: "The last concert is always the best and the expectation for the next one is always greater."


Favourite club: "Bootshaus, Cologne."

Why: "The sound system is insane and they constantly change their light and effects system. It’s always top notch!"

Best memory from the club: "New years eve 2015/2016 with a soldout rave crowd and a lot of hometown friends!" 


Favourite club: "Bootshaus, Cologne."

Why: "They literally bring the wildest crowd I’ve ever seen to any club worldwide while still being true music lovers at the same time. Very unique!"

Best memory from the club: "A show I played with Ingrosso and Alesso in 2012. The energy was unbelievable!"



Favourite Club: "Bootshaus, Cologne."

Why: "The club’s atmosphere and interior are amazing. They have a floor that was designed by an actual set designer from a Quentin Tarantino movie!"

Best memory from the club: "I can pick any show there and tell a story about it. Bootshaus never disappoints!"


Favourite Club: "Bootshaus, Cologne"

Why: "The energy in that club matched a full 20,000 person festival. From the production/sfx to the crowd's participation, Bootshaus is a beast of its own and sits in its own lane."


Favourite club: "New City Gas; Montreal, Canada."

Why: "It’s a huge club where it almost feels that you’re playing at a festival. The energy level is insanely high! And it’s always packed with fans that know and appreciate our music."

Best memory from the club: "This one time we had a show and we played one of our tracks 'Wave Your Hands' and the whole crowd starting chanting the melody. This was the best feeling ever!"

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