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Buy Now Interview

Buy Now Interview

Buy Now - the side project of Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso - is fast becoming the new name on everyone's lips with the imminent big release of single 'Body Crash' on Positiva.

Light years away from what many will expect of these two members of the Swedish House Mafia, 'Body Crash' is an oddball, tough-as-nails, tangential bass growler, with a catchy little sample from Michael Zager Band's 'Let's All Chant'. Already being rinsed by the likes of Erol Alkan and Pete Tong, this is one of those rare records that crosses over beyond its origins to unite all the disparate dance music scenes. DJmag snagged Angello and Ingrosso to learn more...

'Body Crash' is a little tougher and weirder than the productions we've heard from you so far. How did it come about?

STEVE ANGELLO:"I have a lot of weird stuff in stock, don't worry! Buy Now is a concept, we wanted to do something different, reach different kinds of people, and attract different kinds of scenes, but have DJs playing our stuff. It's one of those fun projects that everyone dreams of when they're a producer or a DJ. When you just sit down, and say let's do something separate on the side compared to everything else. You have something else to work for, it's a completely different system."

Did you set out to appeal to a slightly different crowd, different DJs?

SEBASTIAN INGROSSO:"We didn't expect the feedback that we got from Justice and Erol Alkan, all those guys, but we play techno to house to everything, so we needed that in our DJ case. They were really respectful of what we were doing in that kind of style, that kind of sound, so we're really happy actually."

Why did you choose to sample 'Let's all Chant'?

SA:"Me and Sebastian were in the car, and we heard it on the radio and we were like, 'let's fuckin' do this!' It's an old classic, it's a big track, and it's fun to connect with those old disco samples but do it in a different way, not just a cut-up sample-based track with a kick drum on. You can use it in so many different ways."

Are there plans for a Buy Now album further down the line?

SI"We're working on it, we're doing a lifestyle thing around it."

SA"We're working on the album now, the whole concept is done, we have a company that does the whole structure of it, it's gonna be like a small world around Buy Now."