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Can't Live Without...

Can't Live Without...

Vector Lovers can't live without his DR1 Drone synth

"WHEN I relocated to Berlin in 2006 I arrived with nothing more than a pair of headphones and a battered suitcase. With no studio and no instruments, I decided to build my own synthesizer in software.

Fourteen months and countless coffees later, the 'Dr Drone' VSTi has become an essential part of my set-up, responsible for the basslines on the 'Graviton' EP and for the eerie underwater acid of 'Drunken Oscillator'.

Visually, the interface is refreshingly uncluttered, with sexy Kaoss-Pad style controllers inviting creative play. The DR1 is perfect for creating fat electro - it is very Kraftwerk sounding, so the old analogue synths get less play time now."