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Carl Cox ‘All Roads Lead To the Dancefloor’ Summer Release on USB Stick

Carl Cox ‘All Roads Lead To the Dancefloor’ Summer Release on USB Stick

Carl Cox uses new USB technology to release an updatable album...

Carl Cox has concocted a real treat for his fans. This summer, his new album ‘All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor’ will be released through a pioneering USB format.

“The USB will not only give you the album, but it’ll also be your key to everything I do in the next 12 months or so,” said Cox.

This project is unlike any that have come before it, creating an album that virtually keeps giving. The USB, which will be sold for £20, will be continuously updated with new and interactive content.

In addition to receiving the album, those who purchase the USB will have priority access to footage from Cox’s video interviews, tour rehearsals and gigs, album remixes, exclusive sets recorded from Space Ibiza and access to the entire Intec Digital catalogue.

The USB stick will also include pertinent info for aspiring DJs, including tutorials, tips and tricks with Carl, behind the scenes at a sound check, a Pioneer Rekordbox tutorial, and more.

“I’m asking people to buy the USB, and I’m promising that with the singles, the videos, the actual album, plus all the extras – they won’t be disappointed,” said Cox.

The album took Cox one year to record in his Melbourne studio and contains 20+ tracks. Made exclusively for the dancefloor, the album showcases several different musical styles, including vocal house, dubstep, drum & bass, Latin and techno.

“I didn’t want to just put it online and let that be that. I’ve spent too long on it, and it’s too important to me to be degraded that way,” said Cox.” I wanted to do something special with this release, something really forward-thinking, and I think we’ve achieved it.”

The first phase of the release will be available on 1st August via the updatable USB stick. Pre-orders will be available online via

“We’ve already trialled it a couple of times here in Melbourne, and I’m pleased to say it worked,” said Cox.

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