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The dubstep mainstay gives props

Caspa has conjured a thrilling new mix compilation, which highlights 34 tracks all carefully selected to represent the entire spectrum of dubstep. Featuring music from Flux Pavilion, FuntCase, Foreign Beggars, Subscape, Emalkay, Datsik, Excision and himself, Caspa Presents Dubstep Sessions 2014 is poised to pay proper homage to dubstep’s scope and evolution.

As he prepares to release Caspa Presents Dubstep Sessions 2014 on March 17, Caspa steps away from the mixing console long enough to reflect on the jockeys that inspire him. Find out who  the dubstep linchpin looks up to after the jump.

"Growing up, Slimzee was the DJ of my generation; he was the Dub Plate King and had tunes that no one else could get - which made you wanna listen to him. He was always playing up-front, exclusive music. For me, he was a DJ that single-handedly helped drive the Dub Plate culture within the UK Garage/Grime and early Dubstep scenes. He was a big influence on me as a DJ and I don't think he's respected as much as he should be."


"Growing up on UK Garage, EZ was right at the top - and for good reason! Every time I've seen him play he not only kills it with his tune selection, but with his mixing and tricks - which set him apart from any other DJ I've heard. He's one of the only DJ's that I'd pay to go out and see - and I might even put a shirt on."

Andy C 
Andy C is almost the equivalent of what EZ is, but in Drum and Bass. A very exciting DJ to watch, especially on four turntables. He really thinks about his set, he doesn't just turn up and DJ, and you can tell there's a thought process behind it. 

DJ Hype
"Like Andy C, Hype is someone that I've always loved as a DJ and a label owner, always a killer selection and not only is he a Drum and Bass legend, but he has a lot of influential history within UK Dance music. He also sticks to his guns and I really respect him for that." 

My Brother
"(That's not a DJ name, I'm talking about my actual Brother!) I've never told him how influential he was to me growing up, with music. He was a DJ and record collector, and I'd hear him playing music from Mobb Deep to DJ Assault to Broken Beat and Jazz. He really helped inspire me within music, and he was also a really good scratch DJ - but I never got the hang of that!"