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Phobia, Sato & Tyrone join forces to form Chroma

This week we caught up with Chroma, a new trio formed by Drum & Bass heavyweights Phobia, Sato & Tyrone. We talk about some of their highlights from 2012 and also what they have planned for the coming year.

Hi guys, tell us what you have been up to recently?

"We’ve recently refurbished our studio in Newcastle so we took some time out of producing to do that. However that’s all done now and we’re straight back into it working on new material for 2013".

This year has been very busy for you all as solo artists and as a group, what are some of your highlights?

"Obviously playing at Fabric was a big thing, and being involved with a new Ram label was something we are all very proud of. But generally the way people have received the new project has been great, a lot of labels and DJs who we all respect have jumped on what we’re doing and that’s wicked".

How did the forming of Chroma come around?

"We’ve all been friends for some time now as the D&B scene up here is quite close knit. We were all writing tracks separately until James Phobia & Kevin Sato decided to get some studio space together, once that happened we just fell into writing tracks together. After we had a few tracks written we decided to start a new project name and try and get the tunes signed. Ram showed interest and here we are".

Your latest 12" 'Acetate & So Alone' has just come out on Ram Record's new label progRAM which has already received some heavy support from a lot of the scenes top DJs, how did it all come together?

"We originally contacted Ram anonymously via Soundcloud and sent them some tunes. Fortunately they picked up on us and got back in touch. They didn’t sign any of the tunes we sent however they did ask us to keep in touch and keep sending stuff that we did. Eventually we sent over Acetate, which they jumped on pretty quick and asked for a b-side. We’d made ‘So Alone’ quite a while before and it was just sitting in the pot. So we asked if they’d be interested and the rest is history".

You have also had releases on labels like Commercial Suicide and Phobia's Coded Music. what other releases do you have up and coming?

"Next up we have ‘Machine’ coming on the next Renegade Hardware E.P. We also have singles on CIA and Commercial Suicide as well as some new bits for ProgRAM".

Last week you played at Fabric for the first time as a group, how do you feel about playing such a legendary night?

"It was a real honor, there are not many labels in dance music that can say they have been in the business for 20 years - so to be part of that was fantastic".

What are your plans for 2013?

"More of the same really, we are going to be doing some more 12”s for Program, plus releases on CIA, Renegade Hardware and Commercial Suicide. We’ll also be stepping up DJing in the New Year, you can catch us at Ram again in February and at Renegade Hardware in April as well as other shows up and down the country".

You have been kind enough to provide us with a guest mix — can you tell us what it’s all about?

"Some good quality D&B that we’re feeling! There is a couple of exclusives from us as well, fresh bits from Foreign Concept & Kasra and Halogenix plus a couple of classics in there too".

Any Shout outs?

"Just a shout to everyone we know and a big thanks to everyone at Ram for the support over the past few months".


Technimatic - Solace (Shogun Audio)

Calibre - In Denial (Soul:R)

Foreign Concept & Kasra ft. Ruby Lee-Ryder - Cold (Critical)

Halogenix - Laser Guided (Dub)

Chroma - Acetate (Program)

Total Science - Dramaz (Clear Skyz)

Chroma - Intermission (CIA)

Chase & Status - Loves Theme (Bingo)

Chroma - If You Only Knew (Program)

Chroma - So Alone (Program)

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