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Laptop star opens door on his bedroom productions

2012 saw Swiss-born, Vancouver-based new boy Cyril Hahn sweep into our lives with some stupidly sexy house. His calling card was a revamp of Destiny’s Child’s 'Say My Name', vocals pitched down to a yearning moan and teamed with the deepest, sweetest of synths. It was bedroom production with all the emphasis on the bed; warm enough for the house heads, and with a low end that got the bass DJs panting for more. Sickeningly, for a man who ratcheted up over a million Soundcloud plays in the last six months, he really has only just got going. “I only started producing electronic music this year,” he emails, “and yes, it definitely feels sudden. I just started producing for fun and had no clue people were going to respond to the songs the way they did.”

If you think the wheezing analog melodies are created by a museum's worth of vintage kit, think again: “All I've used for my song so far is a laptop and a midi keyboard,” he reveals. “I think the warm sound comes from using a lot of vintage synthesizer sounds, but also the use of white noise/field recordings. I always liked the lo-fi aesthetic of the records I grew up with. Background noise or white noise was never something that bothered me on a recording. I think noise gives a song more character, a certain organic quality. That’s why I often include white noise or field recordings in my production. I don’t want my song to sound too sterile or mechanical. White noise is definitely a way to work against that.”

Inevitably the Soundcloud plays have led to DJ offers, and Hahn has been putting together a set using Ableton and an APC 40. He’s “extremely excited” to have booked his first European tour throughout Spring 2013 and the next few months are looking good.

“The remixes I did for Jessie Ware and Gabrielle Aplin should be out this year. I mostly want to start focusing on originals over next couple of weeks and work on my live set as well. I'm also going to start including visuals for my shows next year.”

Finally, we want to know if there are any plans for official collaboration with r&b stars, but the man who has sprinkled bootleg magic on Mariah, Jeremih, Ciara and Solange is remaining tight lipped, just laughing: “Watch this space…”

25th Feb: Revolution, Bournemouth
26th Feb: Fiftyone27, The Thekla, Bristol

27th Feb: Le Lieu, Bulls Head Moseley, Birmingham
4th March: Now Wave vs Hit & Run, NQ Live, Manchester
4th March: Now Wave vs Hit & Run, Wire, Leeds
5th March: Killer Kitsch, Glasgow
6th March: Movement, The Button Factory, Dublin
8th March: Troupe, Sidings Warehouse, London
8th March: Audio presents Cyril Hahn, Audio, Brighton