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Gabriel Ananda has created one of the summer's dopest tracks. 'Doppelwhipper' kicks ass, dude.

Apart from necrophiliacs, everybody knows that 'live' is always better.

But whilst rock embraces its live recordings and jam sessions, dance music hides behind its perfectly quantized beats and flawless computers. Until now.

'Doppelwhipper', a track recorded live by Gabriel Ananda when he was fooling around in his studio, is proof that live dance music, when done right, is better than any pre-programmed, polished article.

"When it's recorded live you can feel the music more," the 29-year-old Cologne resident told DJmag. "I prefer to record tracks like that because they sound more soulful.

'Doppelwhipper' is just a groove really, but because I recorded it live it has more feeling."

The sublime techno track (the B-side of Ananda's 'Miracel Wop' EP on Platzhirsch) builds like a pressure cooker, and rarely gives the dancefloor room to breathe.

When a break does come, it gets stamped out, as the beats come back at completely the wrong moment.

"The structure is strange because there is a four-bar drum loop running together with a one-and-a-half-bar percussive synth.

So when the two come together you expect it to change but it doesn't."

Unexpected, volatile, intelligent, and bold, 'Doppelwhipper' is pushing electronic music forward and is already DC10's unofficial summer anthem.

"Villalobos and Luciano rang me and told me they loved it, which was really cool," revealed Gabriel.

"I think it's really popular because it has bit of everything in it - house, techno, minimal and tribal, but it's not cheesy at all."

Ananda is already one of the hottest producers around, but with 'Doppelwhipper' he's taken things to the next level.

How does he do it?

"I like to make music that's a little shuffled, with weird quantization, so the beats sound more like a live drummer than a computer."

Long live live dance music.

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