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Danny Avila interview

Danny Avila interview

The young Spanish DJ on Ibiza, wakeboarding and not copying Justin Bieber's hair

There's keen, and then there's Danny Avila. Still just a fresh faced 17-years-old, he actually started his journey into clubland aged 12 thanks to a father who worked as an interior designer for some of Spain's biggest clubs. Displaying the kind of drive more usually found in FTSE 100 CEO's, it's taken him just four years to go from listening to the likes of Fedde Le Grand to playing alongside them – Fedde even becoming somewhat of a mentor for the young Spaniard.
This summer things are really kicking off, with an incredible three residencies on the famed party isle of Ibiza at Pacha, Space and Blue Marlin, a spread that takes in an audience ranging from clubbers barely older than himself to monied Russian oligarchs, all of whom seem to be lapping up his heady electro sound as evidenced by the video below.
We have one of Danny's recent mixes for you to sample and if that's enough you can check out his weekly show on Sirius XM Radio.
And how does Danny like to relax when he's not rocking clubs or making tracks on planes like the massive forthcoming 'Breaking Your Fall'? How about a bit of wakeboarding. And like everything he turns his hands to, it appears he's pretty good at this two coming second in the Spanish Championships. Not bad for someone whose life involves a lot more late nights than that of your average sportsman...
Read our full interview with Danny below.

A lot has happened to you in the last few years. How would you sum them up?
“It’s been an incredible ride for me. To see all the hard work that I know I’ve put in coming to fruition, it’s great. I’ve spent so many years, so many hours every day practising, dreaming, playing at little parties, then eventually getting to play at bigger clubs, it’s like the dream is real for me now. Everything is so exciting at the moment, things are really happening for me and I’ve had the great support of my friends and family, some amazing DJs and producers, and of course my management. It’s a good feeling when everyone else believes in you as much as you do.”
You've already been billed alongside the likes of Tiësto, Guetta and Fedde Le Grand - what's it like working alongside the 'big dogs' you grew up watching from the sidelines?
“It’s like a dream come true. I’d never imagined that I would be playing with such big names. At the beginning you’re a bit scared, you don’t know what to say or how to act but you get used to it and at the end they’re really nice people.”
You've been described as being Fedde Le Grand's protégée. What's the story here?
“It’s a long story! I met him when I was 14 years old at Dreamers in Marbella. I was so impressed that I started following him! He was my role model. I played before him at Ku in Benidorm two years later and he liked my warm-up so we stayed in contact. I’ve played a few more times with him and he’s helped me a lot since I met him.”
How did you secure your residency at Sirius XM Radio?
“Apparently the President of Sirius XM somehow heard about me and actually really checked my mixes and videos. Thank God he really like it a lot! So he contacted my management and they made me their youngest prime time resident ever with a weekly show. That’s amazing considering that the other residents there are the likes of Tiësto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Fedde le Grand etc. They also invited me to New York to do some amazing stuff live in their studios. You will hear about this soon.”
Do you experience any drawbacks due to your age, or do you find there is too much focus on when people talk about you?
“Well, not really to be honest. Some people focus too much on my age, others don’t. In my opinion it’s the results that count, not the age or the gender.”
What's been your best gig so far and why?
“Ministry of Sound in London. The crowd is sick! They are so into the DJs and the music. And also it was a very special day because it was the first time I played with Fedde outside of Spain.”

How have you been finding the Ibiza crowds this year and your residencies at Pacha, Space and Blue Marlin?
“Blue Marlin is a very exclusive beach club, and I play more groovy and elegant music. I think it is very important for a DJ to not only do clubs… I have a lot of fun playing there. Space and Pacha are the next level! The soundsystem couldn’t be better and the crowds really know how to party! I simply love these places so much! And I am extremely proud to be resident at those clubs!”
Between your club and festival appearances and residency at Sirius XM, as well as your upcoming US tour, you must be pretty busy. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your rapidly-spreading success?
“Not really. Of course traveling and sleeping in different cities is tiring but I love my job and of course that’s what I want to do with my life. I’m so ready and looking forward to my next projects!”
What (or who) inspired your hair?
“Ha ha, I know what you expect… it’s not Justin Bieber! I’ve had this look for a long time, since I was like 8 years old or something, so it was before I even knew he existed.”
Tell us about your upcoming single, 'Breaking Your Fall'. When can we expect to get our hands on it?
“It's up to my management! I’ve already been playing it in my sets and I’m super excited about the reactions. It’s coming out after the summer. I think it’s in September but it might be October.”
We hear you're pretty skilled when it comes to boards too. Is that true?
“Yes! I love skateboarding and snowboarding, but especially wakeboarding. Maybe I can give the DJ Mag staff a lesson some time?”

DANNY AVILA presents READY TO JUMP mix by dannyavila