Syrossian, Santé & Sidney Charles to embark on Road To Ibiza tour

On Wednesday, Sankeys publicly announced that they had severed all ties with outspoken Tribal Sessions resident, Darius Syrossian. The shock move came after the famed Manchester nightclub — which also has an outlet on the White Isle — alleged that Syrossian had brought the brand into “disrepute”.

Darius Syrossian has now issued an official statement in response, announcing that he will leave Sankeys and Tribal Sessions to embark on his Road To Ibiza tour this summer, alongside fellow Sankeys residents, Santé and Sidney Charles.

You can read the statement from Sante and Sidney Charles, plus a separate statement from Darius Syrossian below. 

Leaving Sankeys and Tribal Sessions official announcement by Santé & Sidney Charles

"After careful deliberation, we, Santé & Sidney Charles, have decided to renounce the opportunity of playing at Sankeys Ibiza this summer. We leave a fantastic crowd and a great club with a heavy heart, but we strongly value our friendship with Darius and prioritize it over everything else. He was the one who brought us into the fold, and it wouldn’t feel right to play there without him, especially considering the circumstances surrounding his departure.

"We hope you understand our decision and look forward to seeing you on dancefloors around the world this summer." 

Official Statement by Darius Syrossian

"Firstly I would like to say that I am truly overwhelmed with the support from all the people out there on this matter, and I want everyone to know that Sankeys is an amazing club and I absolutely loved that place. Hand on heart, I gave every ounce of energy and my absolute all for Sankeys and Tribal Sessions, and these developments have been an absolute shock to me.

"If Sankeys believe I intentionally brought the club into disrepute by highlighting the issues that are detrimental to it, then so be it. But I hold my head high because I know of the hard work, love and dedication I poured into the place. I wish all at Sankeys the best and I am excited to see what happens next, and I'm proud of my bros Sidney Charles & Santé for sticking by me on this. Again, I cannot thank the public enough for the amazing support. I have said it many times before, the only people I care about in this industry are those on the dancefloor! And that doesn't change. Big love to all.

"We will soon announce more info regarding our Ibiza shows, a replacement Manchester date and other Road to Ibiza dates throughout Europe. Stay tuned and remember… #BROSOVEREUROS!"

All upcoming Road to Ibiza dates with Darius Syrossian, Santé and Sidney Charles below.

17.04 - Halo, Bournemouth
18.04 - Liquid Room, Edinburgh
23.04 - Mint Warehouse, Leeds
24.04 - Motion, Bristol
25.04 - Switch, Southampton
03.05 - Glas, Birmingham
08.05 - Culture Club , Ghent
09.05 - Westerunie, Amsterdam
13.05 - Palais de Tokyo, Paris
15.05 - Barcelona (tbc)
16.05 - Deep, Madrid