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New single premieres on Pete Tong's show tonight

Deep Dish, the hugely influential US duo consisting of Sharam and Dubfire, split up in 2006 — but now they're back!

Deep Dish have just announced a new single, which will be released at the end of March, and also a show in Miami at the end of Miami Music Week.

The new Deep Dish single, 'Quincy', will receive its worldwide premiere on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show tonight (Friday 14th February). You can detect a typically Dubfire minimalistic bassline on 'Quincy' amidst the influence of Sharam's more expansive big room sound.

Hear a clip of 'Quincy' here: 

Pairing up in the mid-'90s in Washington DC, Deep Dish quickly started making a name for themselves with a succession of house tracks and remixes. As the '90s progressed, they started playing more and more sets in what was then called the progressive house style that was favoured by Sasha, Digweed and the like, providing as important a bridge between Europe and the US as Danny Tenaglia did at the time.

Deep Dish recorded a number of acclaimed Global Underground mixes, and had a worldwide hit with the rockist 'Flashdance' in 2004.  

In 2006, however, they went their separate ways, due to what was thought to be artistic differences. Dubfire immediately made a name for himself as a minimal techno solo artist, while Sharam went on to produce the 'Get Wild' album that focused on more of a big room sound.

Rumours have been sweeping dance music circles for a while about a Deep Dish reunion after eight years apart, and it was thought that they were going to do their first reunion show at Ultra in Miami, but it can now be confirmed that they will be playing a show at Miami's Ice Palace Studios on March 29th.

The 'Quincy' single will follow on March 31st on Virgin.