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DEF Inc. Mix & Interview

DEF Inc. Mix & Interview

DEF Inc. are this month's pick for deck stardom, as highlighted via DJmag's Gotta Be Big column. Check out their mix and interview!


DEF Inc. DJmag mix

DEF Inc. are residents at one of London's best underground nights - C64, a free monthly breakbeat night run by Higher Status Events.

Their releases on Botchit, 777, and Spin Out Records are being caned by
all the biggest breakbeat jocks.

C64 has gained a strong underground following, and as residents, Larry Holcombe and Mark Kane are quickly establishing themselves as the next big thing in breaks.

"The way our mix flows is exactly like our sets down at C64," says Mark.

"It starts out funky, but slowly moves towards a rinseout!"

DEF Inc.'s music is influenced by many different genres including dub reggae, and their mix for showcases both their production talent, and their mixing skills.

Their mix features five of their own productions, including the massive '50K' on Botchit, that has cemented their reputation as one of the brightest lights in breaks.

"That tune is being caned all over the world by the biggest DJs," reveals Mark.

"Because of '50K', we've had gig offers from China, Eastern Europe, and the US."

Check out DEF Inc.'s special mix for yourself at

DEF Inc. Tracklist

1. DEF Inc. 'Acid Rock' (777)

"We always start our sets funky, but move towards something darker, and this tune is very reflective of our opening style."

2. DEF Inc. 'Stripped Down Funk' (777)

"This is the B-side of 'Acid Rock' and it's got this groovy synth line which is a little cheesy, but it works."

3. DEF Inc. 'Waking The Dread' (Spin Out Records)

"Switch did a house remix of this tune before he became a big name. It's got this cool dub reggae feel to it, and is one of our biggest tracks."

4. Poxy Music 'Our Break' (Hussle n Bussle)

"This track perfectly describes what breakbeat is – it strips everything down to its basic beats, and then builds it up again. Anyone who doesn't know what breakbeat is, just listen to this."

5. DEF Inc. '50K' (Botchit)

"Our biggest tune by far, everybody is playing this, and when we drop it ourselves, the dancefloor erupts every time. It's so satisfying."

6. DEF Inc. 'Phat Admirer' (Botchit)

"Originally this was meant to be an A-side. Botchit asked us for a B-side, and we came up with 50K, which they liked even more. It's quite hard, so we'd usually play this at a point in the night when we want things to kick off properly."

7. Rogue Element 'Calm' (Exceptional)

"We dropped this really just to show off our deck skills. We only play about one minute of this, because we loop in the intro of the next track and then add echo. Both tracks work well together."

8. Unknown 'No Good' (white)

"Prodigy are amazing, and this is a cheeky bootleg. We recently dropped this at Chew The Fat! at The End and Keith was there. He came up to us and said "You guys fucking rock."

9. Rogue Element 'Resistance' (Functional)

Deekline 'Fame & Money (a capella)' (Rat Records)"Resistance is a great tune, but we felt it lacked something. So we added this a capella, and it sounds wicked! Sometimes tunes just go together."

10. Autobots 'Apocalypse' (Broke Recordings)

"A heavy tune, and perfect track to end a set. I'm a huge fan of Batman, and this has a cheeky sample from the latest movie!"

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