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Desert Island Kit: Chris Lorenzo

Desert Island Kit: Chris Lorenzo

It's always hard to pick one bit of kit that you couldn't live without, but that's the challenge ahead of Ultra and Ministry alumnus Chris Lorenzo in our latest Desert Island Kit. Find out his thoughts on the Yamaha CS Reface synth below. Chris is currently on a UK tour – find out his dates here

“Sometimes the best thing really don’t cost a lot of money, and that’s definitely the case here. For a little cheap synth it’s so versatile and it can churn out some really good noises from heavy bass to whispy mad FX. I use it on a lot of different records, for a lot of different parts.”

"There’s a lot to love [about it], but I especially love the texture and modulation controls. You can get some really interesting sounds going on especially when its modulated with the lfo. And I love that you can get great sounds from it pretty much straight away, but there’s also a lot of depth so you can really get into working on a specific sound."

"I’ve got a couple of tracks here to demonstrate how versatile this is: it made the bass sound on Taiki Nulight and Chris Lorenzo 'Don't Stop' and the bass and FX on 'Kickin’ The Door' by Cause & Affect."

"It’s nothing fancy, it’s very easy to use you don't need a big instruction manual but as I said earlier you can get some great sounds out of it. I’d recommend it as a great bit of entry level kit for beginners getting in to hardware."


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