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DJ classes come to schools!

DJ classes come to schools!

DJing lessons are coming to the nation's classrooms for the first time.

As DJing becomes an increasingly viable job option, Pioneer have brought a special new initiative to schools to provide all the skills kids need to get started as aspiring selectors.

No longer will secondary school lessons be the preserve of dry band practices or rubbish one-fingered keyboard playing, as the innovative 'Make Me A DJ' programme comes into effect. With 700 schools already signed up, the Pioneer DJ software will be made available to 12–16 year olds, and their work with the equipment will even contribute towards a music GCSE.

Pioneer have hooked up with the National Schools Partnership and UK garage and Radio 1 DJ Spoony to bring the programme to youngsters and explain the full creative potential of DJing. Using the new DJS software, pupils are encouraged to make their own mixes. The best are entered into three prize draws a year to win Pioneer headphones and DJS equipment.

Spoony certainly seemed chuffed to be involved in the project: "I've now been a professional DJ for 10 years and the best part of the job is being behind the decks, working with tunes I love entertaining the masses. I'd recommend every pupil has a go at DJing, it's great fun, and who knows where it could take them!"