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DJ Diary: Mark Knight

DJ Diary: Mark Knight asked Toolrooms records boss and DJ Mark Knight to track his weekend for us. He played in Frankfurt and Spain.

Mark Knight


Friday starts like every other day with about five cups of tea at Toolroom HQ in the mean streets of Maidstone.

Then I went in to the studio to quickly finish a track I am working on called 'I like that'.

I like to leave the mix on the desk over the weekend so I can make any final tweaks after I have played it in a club.

Then I quickly go through this week's onslaught of promos (I still haven't finished my pile from Miami!).

I was pleasantly surprised – there's a couple of gems, including Carl Craig's mix of Goldfrapp.

Mark Knight Videos: Press Play

Mark Knight on Roger Sanchez' mobile TV show

Mark Knight on 'Fasttrax' (Pete Tong's mobile TV show)

I head off to my home from home Heathrow to catch a flight to Frankfurt where I am playing tonight.

I get to Heathrow semi-scared to death as my mate Kate Lawler gives me a lift, and she drives like a loon all the way.

In Germany at the hotel I quickly connect to IM to see who is online.

As well as checking Tongy's tracklisting to check he played my mix of Joey Negro's forthcoming single 'You're Not Alone' as well as D. Rameriz' mix of Noir on Toolroom Trax.

He did, so it's a good start to the night.

The gig turns out to be wicked, on the 25th floor of some amazing skyscraper with breathtaking views over Frankfurt.

I dropped 'I Like That' and it went off, so happy about that, although the biggest tune of the night was Dave Spoon's 'At Night'.

Half a bottle of vodka later and it's back to the hotel blotto!


Wake up badly dehydrated but actually make it to breakfast.

Tonight I am playing in Zaragoza in Spain.

So by noon I am back at Frankfurt airport to catch a flight to Madrid.

I arrive in Madrid on time to be met by a driver who is to take me to Zaragoza which is about a two and a half hour drive away, as there is no direct flight from Frankfurt.

Mark Knight
I think he must have been a frustrated racing driver as he proceeds to hammer it all the way!

Being driven by a mentalist seems to be the recurring theme of the weekend.

I get to the hotel, have quick sauna and massage, and grab a couple of hours sleep.

I am playing 4-8am tonight, as in Spain the club will be empty at at 3.45 and then packed by 4.15am.

It turns out to be a brilliant gig, but I thought I would have to play more progressive but they were definitely feeling the more electronic side of things.

I played the original version of Hard Fi's 'Hard To Beat' as the last tune, and it went off.

Have a few beers with Mario the promoter afterwards and then back to the hotel, in bed by 9.30am, rock 'n' roll!


My alarm goes at 11.00am, great - only one and half hours sleep!

My one motivation getting back to Blighty is to watch the Hammers play Middlesborough in the FA cup semi-final, and my sofa, which is the comfiest place in the world after flying all over the world each weekend.

I catch up on my emails on the plane and write my to do list for the week which I do every week on the plane on the way home.

Mark Knight Video: Press Play

Mark Knight 'Insatiable'

Get back to Stansted and now it's my turn to tell the driver to hammer it as I don't want to miss the game.

Get back just in time for kick off – it ain't the best game in the world, but we get the result 1-0.

We are on the final Dreams of 1980, come on you irons!