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DJ Fresh Turns it Up

DJ Fresh Turns it Up

New single ‘Louder’ features in ad

As part of Bad Company, DJ Fresh played his part in making some of drum and bass’ most enduring and downright evil tunes. Just check ‘The Pulse’ or ‘The Nine’ and you’ll get what we mean.

These days, however, he’s stepped up a gear. Last year saw the massive ‘Gold Dust’ sprinkled all over Radio One. Now, teaming up again with Ben Newman, the director behind the skipping action of the ‘Gold Dust’ video, he’s ploughing a similar path with this video for ‘Louder’ which depicts a load of skaters getting jiggy.

Maybe it’s because they’re dosed up on Lucozade Sport Lite, the drink behind the video. Maybe it’s because they’re on a sun kissed beach and life is just sweet (although conveniently sugar free).

Either way the single is out on 3rd July so buy it and, why not, go out and buy some Lucozade. It might make you this athletic and beautiful too.