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presents Wolf Music

After doing regular streams on B@TV since 2011, we've decided to move into our office for our own DJ Mag HQ Sessions on Fridays (5pm – 8pm).

Launching on Friday 31st May with Wolf Music, we'll welcome Medlar, Greymatter, KRL and the Wolf Music residents into our newly fitted studio, where they'll lay down three hours of slamming house the old fashioned way. Back to back to back to back over a few chilled beers...

Wolf Music is a London label responsible for some of the most debonair house and disco to grace our stereo over the past few years. Recounting tracks and remixes the likes of Bicep, Detroit Swindle and Maxxi Soundsystem among their many highlights, expect nothing but the classiest cuts to resonate the walls of DJ Mag HQ live and direct to your very own home entertainment suites.  

The stream will be hosted live on DJ Mag TV and our Facebook Page and will also be archived on our YouTube Channel. We'll be partnering with the finest labels, promotions and events in the game to help warm up our weekends, and you're all invited to join the party. With names like London Warehouse Events, Motek, Nixwax and Lower East lined up for the coming weeks you'd be numpty not to tune in...