We chat with the duo about new single, 'Roller'

Digitalism are back! The Hamburg-based duo are set to release their brand new single ‘Roller’ via PIAS this Monday, with a forthcoming LP ready to launch later in the year. They’ve dropped by to mix our DJ Mag Weekly Podcast this week, which you can download for free via our soundcloud.We caught up with the pair for a quick chat, to find out what’s in store for the year to come…  

Hi Digitalism! Your new single ‘Roller’ does anything but roll. It thrashes along like the twisted lovechild of Daft Punk’s ‘Rollin & Scratchin’, Armand Van Helden’s ‘Necessary Evil’ and Timo Maas’ ‘Dooms Night’ remix, is this a sign of things to come from Digitalism?
“Let’s say it’s good to be back in our Hamburg WWII bunker studio after extensive travels, and good to have more time here again. We’ve always been fans of edgy and gritty stuff, and this is a perfect place to make all those sounds. ‘Roller’ is a brainchild of this studio. One of our favourite ways to work is to record live jam sessions and then take it from there. For ‘Roller’ we didn’t even have any stems for the mixing session at the end — we had to make them up and go back in time to try to reconstruct as much as we could! Fast results and a raw environment in our studio have been things to us since the start, and now that we’ve built up camp here, it feels like a full circle.”

‘Roller’ has a brilliant low-slung remix from Dense & Pika. How did this connection come about and is there more in the pipeline remix wise? 
“Killer remix! Being DJs, one of our weekly rituals is to browse through all the new muic output, and their track ‘Colt’ put them on the radar for us — it’s really good. When ‘Roller’ was finished we definitely wanted to add a remix to the package and thought of Dense & Pika. We got in touch with them and gladly they said “yes!”.

Can you tell us some of your top “rollers” to get the dance floor moving at prime time?
Digitalism ‘Roller’
Klösch ‘Unterwegs’
Hudson Mohawke ‘Very First Breath’ (Boys Noize Turbine  Mix)
Digitalism ‘101 Heinz’
Riton ‘I Need Your Love’ (Digitalism Remix)

We’ve heard you’ve got a new LP nearing completion. Can you tell us more about that?
“We’d love to, but for now, let’s just say we’re very excited about it.”

You’re famed for your exciting live shows and we’ve heard you’re working on a new one. What can people expect and when can they see it?
“Yeah, one of our main principles is to keep on developing our live show. As always we're aiming on stuffing as many new ideas in it as we can — the last live tour was in the US end of last year and we’re hungry to get out there again. The next live gig is going to be in Berlin at Lollapalooza Germany in September.” 

The festival season has begun! What are you looking forward to this summer?
“We hope to catch Tiga live!!”

Digitalism ‘Roller’ is out 8th June on PIAS. Pre-order here