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DJ Swing Dies, Aged 39

DJ Swing Dies, Aged 39

London-based hip hop DJ Swing, formerly of the Boogie Bunch Crew, died last week following a long struggle with Leukaemia.

Brian Daley, aka DJ Swing, died last week at the age of 39.

The London-based hip hop and r&b DJ died on Wednesday 22 March following a long battle with leukaemia.

Swing was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare form of bone-marrow cancer in 2004, and discovering that the chances of finding an Afro-Caribbean bone-marrow match were 100,000 to one, he launched a national campaign to persuade black Brits to register as potential donors. highlighted DJ Swing's search to find a donor last summer, which he eventually did late last year, but sadly the transplant apparently came too late to save his life.

DJ Swing won a MOBO award for 'Best Club DJ' in 1998
Before his death Daley said: "We have to continue spreading the message, the work must not stop. Lives can be saved."

MOBO Award

Swing was crowned 'Best Club DJ' at the MOBO awards in 1998 by beating Fatboy Slim, The Dreem Team and Trevor Nelson.

His campaign was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary, which will be broadcast
sometime later this year.

To reiterate how simple it is to become a bone-marrow donor, Swing's friends have set up a website