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DJ Weekly Podcast

37: Steve Mac

While most producers are now rehashing ‘90s house, Steve Mac was there making it as part of the seminal Rhythm Masters whose mastery of the filter saw them remix everyone from Todd Terry to Michael Jackson (eh-heeh!) while releasing the likes of Danny Tenaglia and Paul Woolford on their Disfunktional Recordings.

With a new double album ‘Roots’ out this week on Saved he demonstrates the benefit of experience, winning him fans such as Kenny Larkin and Loco Dice, while in dropping us this podcast full of up to the minute producers like Jamie Jones, Jet Project and Uner, he shows why he's still an in demand DJ.

DJ Weekly Podcast: 37 Steve Mac by djmag

1. ‘Elephanze Ce Danze’ - Sebbo
2. ‘Cruzzando’ -
3. ‘I'm On Your Side’ - Kolombo
4. ‘Makin’ Contact (Jet Project remix) - Bubba
5. ‘Lucky J (Jamie Jones remix)’ - Mark Henning
6. ‘BassBoot’ - Uner
7. ‘World Wide Wet’ - Smash TV
8. ‘Dimensiones Imposibles’ - Maurice Aymard
9. ‘Burning’ - DJ T
10. ‘Equinox’ - Marco Corola
11. ‘Cozumel’ - Nick Curly
12. ‘Lucio El Anarquista’ - Guti
13. ‘Biscuits’ - Steve Mac feat. Thomas Gandy