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DJ Weekly Podcast

38: Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert is a bearded wonder, cut from the same cloth as slightly bonkers bearded wonders Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, ie. immensely talented, off-the-wall electronic geniuses. He’s been through a number of aliases since he burst onto the scene in the early 90s, including Wagon Christ — which he used for his breakthrough album ‘Phat Lab Nightmare’ on Rising High — Plug, Kerrier District, Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke, and around the Millennium embarked on a project with legendary slide guitar bluesman BJ Cole. Latterly, he’s been collaborating with Aphex Twin and making and playing ‘acid disco’ or — as this exclusive podcast showcases superbly — classic old skool hardcore.

Catch Luke Vibert at this years Glade Festival from the 10th - 12th June for more infomation go to

DJ Weekly Podcast: 38 Luke Vibert by djmag

01 Dancehall Dangerous - Hackney Hardcore [Strictly Underground]
02 Keep The Fire Burning - House Crew [Production House]
03 Imperative - Noise Factory [Ibiza]
04 Tip Toe - CMC [Limited E]
05 Vengeance [Remix] - DMS [Production House]
06 Frequential Fatigue - Nu-Matic [XL]
07 Atheama [remix] - Nebula II [Reinforced]
08 Crackerjack - Signs Of Chaos [Rising High]
09 In Effect - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer [Slammin Vinyl]
10 Smoke It - Dragon Fly [Whitehouse]