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DJ Weekly Podcast

DJ Weekly Podcast

22: DJ Spinn

Chicago has remained since day one at the forefront of innovative dance music and DJ Spinn’s latest podcast is packed full of its latest offerings.

A dancer, DJ and producer, who recently made his London debut, Spinn is at the forefront of juke, a form of mutant house music that evolved from the ghetto house of labels such as ‘Dance Mania’ and is associated, along with footwork, with dance battles around the city.

Frenetic, raw, and ready to plunder samples from anything from gangster hip-hop to classic soul and disco, this is the modern day sound of Chicago from yet another of its home grown heroes.

DJ Weekly Podcast 22: DJ Spinn by djmag

1. DJ Spinn - Super High
2.  DJ Spinn - Gone Run To
3. DJ Earl - Time to Battle
4.  DJ Clent - Livin That Life
5. DJ Manny - Rush Hour
6. Traxman - Manical Laughter
7.  DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad, and DJ Manny  - Ridin High
8.  DJ Spinn - Kush Pack Loud
9.  DJ Manny - We Da Best
10. Traxman - We Takin Ova
11. DJ Manny - Too Much
12.  DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Spinn & Rashad 2010
13. DJ Spinn - Black Dreams
14. DJ Spinn - Traxxx
15. DJ Rashad - Weak Azz Hoes
16. DJ Earl - Circuit Breaker
17.  DJ Spinn - Black Dynamite
18.  DJ Spinn - Oooohhhhhhhhh
19.  DJ Rashad - I'm Gone
20. Traxman - Wings of Love
21. DJ Spinn - The Studio