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Podcast from Mancunian brothers Shadow Dancer

“We are two brothers,” say Shadow Dancer. “We make sounds with boxes and they've been released on Turbo Records, Boysnoize Records, Bad Life and GND Records.” They can now add Unknown to the Unknown to that list with their brand new and most excellent 'Hydrate' EP mixing up cosmic monologue, acid, gleaming space techno and the broken rhythmical weight of dancing diggers.

If that hasn't whet your appetite then the jam-packed machine funk of their podcast most certainly will, bringing the likes of Capracara, Rhythim is Rhythim, Acid Jesus and Mr G together for a right rousing ride.

1. Roland Tings - 'Cagean Sea' (Club Mod)
2. Shadow Dancer - 'Matta' (UnknownTo The Unknown)
3. Komon - 'Walk The Walk' (Aus Music)
4. Capracara - 'Flashback '86' (DJ Hell 2013 Rework) (Tresor)
5. Future Four - 'Gwad Bwash' (Tuff City Kids Remix) (Phantasy)
6. Disco Nihilist - 'Late Nights' (Don't Be Afraid)
7. Deetron - 'Count On Me' (Aus Music)
8. Talbot Wood - 'Analepsis' (Curle)
9. A Sagittaiun – 'Clusters' (Elastic Dreams)
10. Shadow Dancer - 'Hydrate' (Unknown To The Unknown)
11. Kenny Keys - 'Hertz' (Kompass)
12. Hound Scales - 'Throated' (Bleaching Agent Remix) (Fifth Wall)
13. Viers - 'Your Body' (Church)
14. Rhythim Is Rhythim - 'Emanon (I-Robots Reconstruction) (Opilec)
15. Housemeister - 'Skillshot' (AYCB)
16. Acid Jesus - 'Move My Body' (Exploding Plastic Inevitable)
17. Mr. G - 'G's Strings' (Rekinds)
18. J. Tijn - 'U U U ' (WNCL)
19. Cadans - 'Millian' (Balans)
20. Madame - 'No Funk' (GND)
21. Draag & G-23 - 'Jack On Acid' (Shadow Dancer Remix) (Black Nite)
22. Tripeo - 'Untitled #8' (Tripeo)
23. Oliver Deutschmann - 'Breakdown' (Steve Rachmad Remix) (Caduceus)
24. Broke One - 'Gravity' (Shadow Dancer Remix) (Teenage Riot)